Gatorade All-Star Workout Day

The first half of the 2017 season hasn’t been smooth sailing for the Mets to say the least. Abysmal pitching, Ray Ramirez continuing to be the worst trainer in baseball, and a senile skipper all have contributed to a terrible half of baseball. In a season that had high expectations, the inevitability of the Mets failing to make the playoffs has set in.

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This season hasn’t been all lows though. Jay Bruce has gotten over his big city yips from late last season, deGrom has started to pitch lights out, and Michael Conforto has proven to be a true franchise player. Oh, and edible cookie dough to fill the cracks of your empty soul is now available at Citifield.


While a case could have been made for deGrom or Bruce to make the All-Star squad, it was young Conforto who represented the Orange and Blue in Miami.

This was the first year that in a while that the outcome of the game didn’t affect home field advantage for the World Series. That meant that every player selected was assured a chance to get in the game, unlike some managers *cough cough* who previously refused to put in players from his own team because it might affect the final score of the game. Cripes!

Conforto was subbed in late in the game but made his mark in his first at-bat, dropping an opposite field single over the shortstops head.

He then found himself up again in a much bigger situation. Runners on second in third, tie ball game, bottom nine and facing one of the most dominant closers in baseball. He had a chance to be the hero… and he struck out. Damn. In what could have been the highlight of the Mets year was just another disappointment. That said, much congrats to Mike for making the squad and showing why you belong on that field. It will be fun to see you make that All-Star squad for years to come.

P.S. – Remember when Sandy Alderson wanted Conforto to start the year off in the minor leagues because he more at-bats at that level would help him? Good call “Baseball Maverick”