quentin-tarantinoThe Hollywood ReporterQuentin Tarantino is quietly starting to put together his latest project, and is talking to A-list actors for what is promising to be a unique take on the Manson Family murders.

The project, whose title is unknown, was written by Tarantino, who would also direct. Harvey and Bob Weinstein, who have produced and executive produced the previous Tarantino films, are involved, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

Anything Tarantino news related excites me. Hard not to get excited when one of the most visionary filmmakers of all time says he will tackle the infamous Manson Murders.

News outlets are saying that Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, Margo Robbie, and Samuel L. Jackson (shocking, I know) are being eyed for leading roles. Safe to assume that more A-List names would soon follow, including the role of Charles Manson (Waltz? Leo?).


I wish he didn’t ruin that beautiful mug with a tattooed Swastika right in the middle of his forehead.

One concern I have seen expressed is that Tarantino is a pretty violent director. His movies aren’t the most subtle when it comes to blood and gore (insert shot of Hitler’s face getting blown to putty in Inglorious Basterds) and when it comes to a true story like this that affected actual living people, making something so gruesome might not go over well. However, it is still too early to speculate about the nature of the film. Inglorious Basterds told a fictionalized story about Hitler, a real person, so it’s possible that this movie could be in that same nature as opposed to a factual retelling of the crimes committed by Charles Manson.

Sharon Tate

Tarantino has said numerous times that he only has plans to make ten movies in his life, and this would be number nine. Hopefully this isn’t actually his penultimate film but if it is he picked one heck of a story for it. He’s probably racing to make all of his films before his hairline completely recedes to the back of his head. Interesting look he is sporting right now.

P.S. – If I had to guess, I would say there will be a few salacious shots of bare feet. Just speculation.

A foot fetish that would make Rex Ryan blush