On a recent podcast, Matt Reeves, director of the upcoming feature, The Batman, revealed that he was writing a new script for the film. This means that Ben Affleck’s script has been tossed aside, similar to how he was tossed aside as the director. Luckily, Affleck is still signed on to don the cape and cowl and reprise his stellar role as Batman.

Affleck is an acclaimed director and writer himself, having won Oscars for both directing and screenplays in his career. Batman is DCs crown jewel though, as he is arguably the most beloved superhero of all-time. The last two movies in the DCEU have been Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. One of those movies had serious script problems, with production being rushed and characters forcibly added last minute or cut out almost entirely (I’m looking at you Sir Climbs-A-Lot). The other was critically loved and abox office hit. DC is clearly being cautious about this franchise though. Luckily the movie seems to be in the right hands, as Reeves has shown with his success in the recent Planet of the Apes flicks, that he is more than capable of making a great action movie.

Recent reports have also said that the focus on this movie will be more detective based, something that has been lacking in past Batman appearances. Hopefully guns will be lacking in this movie too. Seriously, Batman’s one thing is that he doesn’t use guns…stop having him blow up people with rocket launchers.


The biggest question I have is whether, Joe Manginello- who was cast as Deathstroke, will play a role in the movie or if Reeves will take it in a completely different direction. Regardless, as long as whatever villain Batman ends up fighting reveals that their mother is too named Martha and him and Batman have a weird bonding moment over a stupid name then I’ll be happy.

P.S. – This is the best Batman fight scene in a movie