Fresh off the heels of the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere, I thought it was the perfect time to compare Mets players to characters from the show. Initially I had more players that I wanted to compare but quickly realized that most of the characters from the show are pretty badass and most of the current Mets roster, well let’s just say they probably would have been killed off the show already.

Lucas Duda: Hodor

This one is pretty self explanatory. If you told me that the only phrase Lucas could say was “Duda” I wouldn’t be shocked.

Neil Walker: Daario Naharis

This relates more to the actor(s) who played Daario than the actual character. Orginally Daario was a long haired soldier for hire who quickly became a fan favorite on the show. The actor went on to pursue a career in movies, and has found much success like playing Ajax in Deadpool. He represents Daniel Murphy. The actor who replaced him, a la Neil Walker, did a decent job, but there is a good chance we never see Daario again in the show and I think most people are okay with this fact.

Michael Conforto: Jon Snow

The heart and soul of the show and the team. A young leader who had a brief run in with failure/death but has quickly reemerged and cemented himself as the one who will guide the quest into the unknown future.

Jay Bruce: Bronn

Nothing too flashy, but his ability is undeniable. You want to have him on your side. He’s not looking for fame or glory, just wants to go out there and do his job whether it’s pretty or not.

Yoenis Cespedes: The Mountain

Big and Strong. One man crushes home runs, the other crushes people’s skulls.

Curtis Granderson: Samwell Tarly

Sam can get a lot or unnecasary grief on the show from fans, but he’s been there the whole time through the good and bad. Granderson is always seen with a smile on his face, even in dark times. Both have had some truly awesome and heroic moments that can’t be overlooked. Granderson is a late season bloomer, like Sam who took a few season to establish himself as a important factor in the show and the development of Jon Snow.

Noah Syndergaard: Daenerys Targareon

Beautiful golden hair. Heir to the throne and will mow down anything in their way to achieve glory. Queen of Dragons and King of the Diamond.

Jacob deGrom: Tyrion Lannister

Overlooked from the beginning because of a perceived flaw, like height or lack of experience as a pitcher. Has only shown to be more than capable, and in fact, one of the best at what he does.

Matt Harvey: Little Finger

The guy who has in hands in everything. Little Finger has unknown motives, but you feel they are selfish in nature. It’s unclear what the future holds for Harvey as well, but most fans feel like he will go where the money is. On top of that, he will probably get waaaaay too much money, but because he has pulled the right strings along the way he could come out on top at the end.

David Wright=Ned Stark

The Captain. The Lord of Winterfell. Similar to Ned Stark, David Wright’s legacy will live on in glory, despite being dead for years.

Terry Collins=Melisandre (when she takes off her necklace)

They have both performed miracles, but have overstayed their welcome. Their time is ending quickly.

The Wilpons: Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsey Bolton