If you are unfamiliar with the cult classic movie The Room, directed by the infamous Tommy Wiseau than this trailer is probably a bit confusing and might just seem like one of those weird James Franco movies the actor puts out who no one sees. In fact, it is a movie about the making of a movie who no one saw…that is until it blew up and became regarded as the “Best-Worst Movie Ever.”

Tommy Wiseau (Writer/Director/Star) portrays Johnny in the original film that tells the story of a successful banker who’s life falls apart after his wife begins an affair with his best friend, Mark. While that may seem straight forward enough, the unintentional twists and turns in the movie along with possibly the worst acting ever put on film by Wiseau account for a truly disastrous film.


Wiseau has later claimed that it was a dark comedy, but he clearly meant this to be a drama. He also somehow raised millions of dollars to make the movie, which he shot on two cameras attached to each other for god knows what reason, and cast his friends who were too afraid to take of their pants in sex scenes.

James Franco will play Wiseau in The Disaster Artist, with his brother Dave playing Mark. The film has a stacked cast on top of that including Seth Rogen, Zach Efron, Josh Hutcherson, Hannibal Burress, Sharon Stone, Alison Brie and countless of stars. If the trailer is any indication this movie will be extremely entertaining, just like the original.