Today the Met’s tweeted out a revealing photo of Yoenis Cepesdes with his hair dyed blue. Yo is known for his flashy colors, but the bright hues are usually reserved for his arm sleeve or necklace. This isn’t the first time Cespedes has had some fun with his hair color, so I figured a ranking of all the Mets with recent hair dye jobs was necessary. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY POST.

8.Seth Lugo/TJ Rivera*

TJ and Seth are grouped together because technically they didn’t dye their hair while playing on the Mets. They were both pitching for team Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic, and the entire PR team dyed their hair in unity. It was a pretty shocking look, maybe even more shocking than realizing that Seth Lugo was Spanish. Today, TJ’s blonde locks are gone but Lugo’s still slightly remains despite getting a haircut since the Classic. It’s not the best look and since he got hurt playing in a voluntary tournament, it’s a trigger for most Mets fan to see the blonde streaks when he takes his hat off.

7.Yoenis Cespedes


Last season the Mets went on another improbable late season run to make the postseason. A few players on the roster dyed their hair as a rallying cry to give the team extra momentum to make that last push. The gimmick paid off and the Mets made the Wild Card game. Yoenis was the last one to dye his hair the day before the game against the Giants. We all know how that game ended so he’s deduced major points. Now with the Mets circling the drain, Yo goes ahead and dyes his hair again. This time it’s blue. Could this be the motivational tactic that propels another playoff push? Unlikely.

6.Rene Rivera


An originator in the 2016 Hair Dye Extravaganza. He convinced a few other players to join his cause but loses points because of his failure to get Bartolo to get some golden locks.

5.Asdrubal Cabrera


One of the converts during the 2016 season, Asdrubal kept the hair during the offseason and came into the 2017 season with the yellow shining bright. He pulls off the look but it’s possible that the hair dye seeped into his scalp and made him incapable of playing decent defense.

4.Jose Reyes


Jose also was part of the late season dye, but this wasn’t the first time Jose has dyed his hair. He has had red hair, his dreadlock have been even been colored. He has truly embraced the look and it works for him. Similar situation to Asdrubal though where the hair dye may have affected his ability to hit in the beginning of the season.

3.Keith Hernandez


Keith loves dying his hair so much that he is a sponsor for one of the biggest hair coloring companies in the world, Just For Men. Sometimes he rocks the “Touch of Grey” other times he goes full black mustache and creepily watches a couple fool around in bed.

2.Jerry Blevins


Jerry is so high in the rankings just for pure hilarity of how he looked. One of the last people I expected to dye his hair, and by god, he DID NOT pull it off.

1.Mike Piazza


The OG of the frosted tips. At the peak of his career, Piazza opted to go with the boy band look. It may have fueled some sexulity rumors but it’s undeniable that the man pulled it off. He will probably be the only Hall of Famer to have had bleach blond hair. On a personal note, I always wanted to hair frosted tips because my favorite player growing up was Piazza and I tried to copy everything he did from his batting stance to hair. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t allow me but years later when I got to college I went through on my childhood dreams. No Parents, No Rules!!!