Today marks the start of the highly anticipated San Diego Comic-Con, where the nerds of the world align to hear the latest news on comics and comic-book movies that everyone else in the world openly loves but refuses to call themselves a nerd.

One of the biggest draws, if not the biggest, is the Marvel Studios panel. Here Marvel will reveal clips from upcoming movies and news about future films in the making. Usually a lot of the actors from the movies show up and it’s a great ol’ time. One hiccup is that D23, the Disney summit just happened last week and Marvel had it’s on panel there because they are owned by Disney. In that panel the majority of the upcoming cast of Avengers: Infinity War was there and Marvel showed a brief teaser for that movie.


So the big question is how does Marvel follow that up so close in date? Comic-Con is the bigger event but being owned by Disney, Marvel probably has some obligations to bring out their big guns for a Disney event. It’s possible that the same footage will be shown and nothing new revealed at Comic-Con but that’s not Marvel’s bag, baby.

Here are some of my predictions/hopes to what Marvel could reveal to further the hype of their upcoming slate of films.

Infinity War teaser trailer released on Youtube

-Detailed explanations of the footage Marvel showed at D23 has been written about in extensive lengths. Seeing as how the movie is still filming, a full trailer reveal is unlikely. However, Comic-Con is notorious for getting footage leaked so it wouldn’t surprise me if Marvel replays the Infinity War teaser and then releases it for a wide audience on Youtube.


Brie Larson in Captain Marvel suit

-This one seems the most unlikely. It’s a simple thing to do but that film is still in post-production so it’s possible that the suit for Captain Marvel hasn’t even been finalized. However, besides the reveal of Brie Larson playing Carol Danvers there hasn’t been much hype around this movie. Rumors say that Larson will be in Infinity War in some capacity either as Danvers or her superhero persona so building some excitement around her character before she makes her first appearance in the MCU would make Comic-Con erupt.


Release dates for Phase 4 films like Doctor Strange 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

-This one seems like the most obvious to me. Marvel is notorious for having all of their future films mapped out. Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel, is said to have a giant wall dedicated to the timelines of the films in the MCU. One year at Comic Con, Feige released the names and dates of all upcoming Phase 3 films including the reveal of a Doctor Strange, Black Panther and the aforementioned Captain Marvel film. The dates of those movies were all changed because of the introduction of Spider-Man to the universe so saying dates of upcoming movies for Phase 4 isn’t really putting anything into stone. Fans know that sequels to Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man are inevitable they just don’t know when exactly.


Title for Avengers 4

-Previously, Infinity War was supposed to be a two part movie. That is sort of still the case as they are filming back to back and will continue the storyline set forth in the first Infinity War but now the second part will have a new prefix. Marvel has yet to reveal the new name because they claim it will be a spoiler for the first movie but seeing as how the movies only tangentially follow the story-lines from the comics, it can’t be that much of a spoiler. Unless the movie is titled Avengers: The Death of Captain America then I can totally see this being revealed for the crowd. I assume there will be additional clips from Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther released too but having already seen trailers for those movies, the anticipation is already there and will just serve as a cool little treat for fans in attendance.